Corporate History

Bill Drinkard joined Fred Gallagher, founder of the Applied Research Group, Inc. (ARGI),
and together they built ARGI into the fourth largest manufacturer of CCA (copper, chrome,
arsenic) wood preservatives in the US.

With other partners, Hickory Grove Industries (HGI) was built, utilizing their patented
inventions to produce wood preservatives from pyrometallurgical dusts from copper and gold
refining. As ARGI and then HGI, they developed and profitably operated various metal
chemical processes that reduced the cost and improved the quality and performance of
major inorganic wood preservative, CCA. The team developed an oxide formulation which
reduces manufacturing costs, eliminates air pollution from on-site dissolving, allowing the
market to shift from drums to bulk tank trucks. This new oxide standard now dominates North
America and is growing throughout the remainder of the world.

Internationally, Drinkard Research/DMI was selected as the hydrometallurgical specialist to
test and develop a process that included metal recovery and proper environmental disposal
of metallurgical waste and by-products emulating from a nearly one billion dollar expansion
and from many current operations.

They have worked with various mining companies, as well as prominent chemical
corporations and other industries.

All of this technology was invented, developed, and commercialized by Drinkard, Gallagher
and a team that has been together through four corporations and many start-ups. Together
they have demonstrated a unique understanding of the requirements necessary to develop
successful processes from basic research and development.
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