About Our Business

Drinkard Research and Development Corporation was formed in 1988 to perform
hydrometallurgical research. Drinkard Metalox, Inc, (DMI) was formed in 1993 to focus on the
development and promotion of the technologies that Drinkard Research had invented.
Metalox, LLC (MLLC) was formed in 1996 to commercialize the DMI technology.

This is the same scientific team that took Mineral Research and Development Corp. from its
early days in a two car garage to its position as a major US supplier of metal inorganic

Our technical team has been profitably recovering values from metal dust and other
secondary materials for more than 30 yeas.  Around half a million tons of metal values have
been recovered using our technologies since our start.

Many of the oldest plants are still in profitable, daily operation, some more than 20 years after
initially going online.  
William  "Bill" F. Drinkard Jr., President

A chemical engineer, Drinkard founded his first corporation, Mineral Research and
Development Corp., while attending college.  He has a degree in Chemical Engineering
from North Carolina State University.  He is a member of the Iron an Steel Society, the
American Chemical Society, the Forest Products Research Society, the American Wood
Preservers' Association, and the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, & Petroleum.

Fred Gallagher, Vice President

A graduate of the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill,  with a degree in political
science, Gallagher is a former ombudsperson for former North Carolina Governor Holshouser
and founder of Applied Research Group, Inc.  He is also a cofounder of Drinkard Research,
DMI, and MLLC.

Hans Woerner, Chief Chemist

Woerner has been with the company for almost 30 years.  He leads all research and lab work,
and is in charge of research teams.
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